Jun 12, 2003

Lola and Donnie--retelling
Watched two films for my birthday (both one's I've seen before): Run, Lola, Run and Donnie Darko.

I found the similarities between these films striking. In a single viewing they reverberate and speak to each other. Both films tell a story and then retell it, both films deal with death, fear and love and how those are retold. Falling out of the narrative style, both come to talk of fate (standing mostly as death whose only possible conquere is love), time and the unpleasent things of life.

Not to say they are the same. Lola is pretty upbeat and actually pretty easy to get into. A little critical viewing will take a viewer into this move, watching for differences and variances and their ramifcations.

Donnie is challenging and dark--perhaps the darkest film I've seen--in part because it refuses to answer its own questions, makesfun of its questions and openly and violently deconstructs its answers before they are half formed.

And even those answers are tenative and half asked and always already asking and finding themselves unanswered.