Oct 28, 2003

'Cause hell's broke loose in Georgia/ and the devil deals the cards

“So I’m thinking about Spinoza …”

“Dan, you realize that they’ve got you? They’ve taken your soul and now you’re a philosopher.”

So I guess I'm going to reconsider grad school. I've had too many projects that I'm told are doctoral level work. But then Prizio was saying that writing a groundbreaking philosophical work is great because there are like three people in the world that know what the hell you're talking about and two of them violently disagree with you. I don't know. It's not even like I wouldn't be a good teacher. I think part of me is still caught in a blue collar ethic and is having a hard time finding the ivory tower legit. I'd be good in the ivory tower though, and if I was good at it then I'd enjoy it. I'm meeting with Dr. Stephens next week to talk about it and find out what my chances actually are for getting in. So it goes.