Oct 7, 2003

A religion, not a relationship
Why I was forced to rejected Christian pietism/primitivism and accepted Christian tradionalism, restated by the sociologists Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman in The Social Construction of RealitY.

“Institutionalization is incipient in every social situation continuing in time.”

“All actions repeated once or more tend to be habitualized to some degree.”

“The Individual’s biography is apprehended as an episode located within the objective history of the society.” (“Habitualization carries with it the important psychological gain that choices are narrowed.”)

“The institutions must and do claim authority over the individual, independently of the subjective meanings he may attach to any particular situation.”

“In the process of transmission to the new generation... the institutional world ‘thickens’ and ‘hardens’ not only for the children, but, (by a mirror effect) for the parents as well. The ‘There we go again,’ now becomes ‘This is how these things are done.’”