Oct 7, 2003

Rooming with Stephen
My relationship with my roommate is strange (in a typical sort of way).

I mean, we argue a lot, I call him “The Apostate,” and people want to know why I’m not going out with his girlfriend. (Ummmmm. Because? What are you supposed to say?)

Last night – studying late – he told me that he fights with me more than he does with anyone, with the possible exception of his best friend since high school and anyway I fight harder than he did. Most of this has to do with the fact that I call him “The Apostate” (and, related to a long conversation comparing Job and Lucifer, "The Devil"), he thinks I’m dishonest for disagreeing with him and my thesis (The important role of doubt in faith) is related to that argument.

A mutual friend of ours came by and wanted to know how we co-exist and if we ever get anything done in our room. Stephen said yeah we do, but only when the other person isn’t there. Which is true, and I think we’re both getting to bed later since we’ve been rooming together.

Later – studying really late – we raided Bethany's kitchen (I’m not sure if the food was his, hers, or her roommate's, but we took bananas, peanut butter, chips and salsa) she stumbled out mostly asleep and was confused because we'd both been in the dream from which we'd just accidentally woken her.

I find this all funny in a mad sort of humor.