Oct 17, 2003

Sunday morning and I'm falling/ I've got a feeling I don't want to know
Talking about Kripke in class, I showed how his entire apparatus is unconnected to his essentialist divergence from Wittgenstein (Sellars, Quine,) and he makes his Cartesian/Augustinian move before he even gets started. Dr. Stephens said he was a damned fool because he'd thought you'd needed to listen to Kripke until he got into the mind/body arguments before you could catch him, and I’d stopped him cold at the beginning.

“He’s just Augustinian naming on crack,” I said.
“Yeah, Kripke is Descartes on crack,” Stephens said.

I brought up the proposed topic of my thesis to Stephens yesterday – the role of doubt in religion – and he said that’s a good topic, “head and shoulders above what we usually get,” as far as he knows not something that any philosopher has dealt with directly though “yeah, Derrida and Kirkegaard touch it sideways.” He said it’s doctorate level stuff to be working on and maybe I could continue it into grad school.

“But I’m trying to avoid grad school,” I said.