Nov 13, 2003

Desert isalnd reading
Bethany asked me to run the desert island exercise – which books would you take with you if you could only take a few – since she’s going to Uganda for a while. Somewhat arbitrarily, I went with 10 books for a year. That seems to work out as exclusive enough without being too tight. And 10 books can be packed easily enough.

My list:
Of Grammatology, Derrida
Being and Time, Heidegger
Phenomenology of Perception, Merleau-Ponty

Brothers K., Dostoyevsky
The Power & the Glory, Greene
Beowulf, Heany trans.
In the American Tree, Silliman ed.

Book of Common Prayer
Radical Orthodoxy, Milbank ed.

In another desert island situation, Noah is complaining about the size of CDs. My answer is to throw away all the packing and put the discs in a Walmart case. Very transportable. Having done the Seattle to Hillsdale trek five times, it’s important to be able to throw one book-sized case in a backpack and have 50 CDs.