Nov 12, 2003

"Had I been Marcel Proust, I would have toiled over this book, gradually perfecting every last sentence, every last word, until it was how I wanted it to be, until I was certain no one could ever misinterpret what I intended to say. Had I been Jack Kerouac, I would have written this book twenty times already. I would have taken my stories of road trips and heartbreak and how much of an asshole I've been to people lately and how much alcohol I've consumed and I would have packaged it neatly under ribbons of hyperbole and spontaneous prose. But, as much as I've aspired to be so, I am not Jack Kerouac, and I'll never come close to having enough patience to be Proust. I'm going to settle somewhere in the middle of being completely honest and keeping my secrets to myself, and hopefully that will still keep your attention."
          - Sarah Hatter