Nov 29, 2003

Laughing for three - or will if be four? - days

I was kidnapped from a chicken dinner and laughter (thanks to Prizio and Caitlin, who I'd never met but managed to make the smooth transition to knowing sans an introduction, but then do Hillsdale and ex-Hillsdale people need introductions? nah, let's just move to histories and funny stories) in Ann Arbor to a few days in. . . well I don't know where this is, really except that it's Metzger's house and Bob and Prizio are also here and I've finally really met Sam and talked with him about continental/analytic divide stuff which bored Metzger et al, which is to say it was espcially enjoyably boring, so Sam's not as scary as his reputation or as screwy as his blog (like me in the former and Hugger in the latter, and, just asking, if there were honorary alumni would I be one?) and Metzger is playing Warhol w/ a camera to what all of us suspect are atrocious results, but is kind of funny in a too nerdy for words and wow, the '60s only worked because of acid huh, kind of way and we watched a Japanese film who's title roughly translates "Japanese Gangster's go to the beach" and was a lot of fun and, yes, you can talk through subtitles and catch most things and Bob and Prizio are horrific at Scrabble which is why I can in last - you try to go after that horde of board clogging words - and if you don't like this post try Jack, Kerouac not Derrida, for the real stuff & hey, I enjoyed this and thanks all of you guys.

* Hyperlinks not provided because I don't want to, because you can find them real easy, and I just started reading William Gibson.
**A longer crazy sentence would include more inside jokes, too many Sandman jokes, instructions to the pedantry game, and a long maybe-I'll-do-it-sometime speil about J. Borges and the literary and oral proto-bloggers.

Update: Bob writes about the weekend.