Nov 3, 2003

Over dead bodies
Sarie Q: What's up, Derridian?
dansilliman: ohhhhh, death of authors and such
Sarie Q: Hey, I don't like the idea of the author being dead.
Sarie Q: As a matter of fact, I'm trying to come up with a movement to resurrect the author. I realise the complications.
dansilliman: No insult is meant by killing the author, you know.
dansilliman: It's argued that the author that kills himself is the better writer.
dansilliman: quite the case for dead white males, actually.
Sarie Q: I like that last statement.
Sarie Q: I just want to bring the author back when it's convienent.
dansilliman: for parties and such
Sarie Q: Yes! And just, in general.
dansilliman: book signings
Sarie Q: What to join?
dansilliman: no, I think I still find in needful to kill the author
Sarie Q: We shall even maintain that we only do it when convienent.
dansilliman: That's tempting.
dansilliman: Can we bring back any dead author?
dansilliman: or just an "Author" in general?
dansilliman: I mean, do we get Dante at all society meetings?
Sarie Q: Yes!
Sarie Q: Oh, got to go.
Sarie Q: We'll work on this later.