Nov 12, 2003

Philo notes towards . . .
e) Ruses and feints.

f) Alterity: otherness, different. (This should stand beside iterability and aporia as deconstructionist words).

g) There is no way to understand the world beyond understanding.

h) More talk about Ferdinand de Saussure is needed. This is the guy that started the structualist/meaning as systemic side of things. I've just ordered Course in General Linguistics and Jonathan Cullers Saussure. For Thanksgiving reading.

i) I think I shall call Mr. Derrida "Jack."

j) Jack's Signiture Event Contexts is a lot simpler (and fuller) than Davidson or Rorty on the same topics.

k) Davidson/Rorty should not confuse "translate" for "reduce."

l) Van Til was a theological Trojan horse for postmodernism, for me. This would outrage him, I'm sure. It also protected me for the Schaeffer-style idea that one can not be a Christian and a postmodernist, since I first dealt with some of these issues specifically as a way to save God from theology.

m) "Cashing it out" doesn't translate into Norwegian well.

n) Examples, my friend, examples. And all examples should be really crazy or about chess.