Nov 7, 2003

My sister’s coming to visit and I’m looking forward to taking her to Ann Arbor. (Though, apparently, she doesn’t know how to pack).

I don’t have a single sentence definition of deconstruction or phenomenology.

My single sentence definition of postmodernism sounds like a riddle.

Everyone’s leaving this weekend.

The world has a mixed opinion about Dave Frank. God sees both sides of the issue.

My roommate has an appallingly terrible process of thought. He has misread over half a semester of Sociology of Knowledge to prove his own intellectual honesty. Baptists gone for the ideal of the Nietzchean Super Man are damnable. Being a patient man, I didn’t kill him.

A sutra is an aphoristic doctrinal summaries produced for memorization or a scriptural narrative, a discourse of the Buddha.

Praise is due where praise is due.

I’m feeling very tired. When I feel tired I feel closer to normal than ever, which is to say I can’t think about philosophy, say ‘un huh’ and stare into space. This is not a good feeling.

Crazy Norway (Arild) makes a great pot of pasta.

Fog and rain are terrific forms of weather.

One cannot escape passion, but one can embrace it.

To do: laugh madly.