Nov 3, 2003

Truth, unity and concord
Apparently a major step has been made in reconciling the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church with the release of the Agreed Statement on Filioque by the The North American Orthodox Catholic Consultation.

Mere Comments runs their press release. The full statement is up on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site. The statement actually comes to the same conclusions that my Orthodox convert friends J. Anthony Cook and I came to in our epic discussion of Anglican-Orthodox divisions.

The paper includes suggestions Orthodox and Catholics stop calling each other heretics, that “all involved in such dialogue expressly recognize the limitations of our ability to make definitive assertions about the inner life of God,” that Catholics translate the creed from the Greek, declare the condemnation of the use of the filioque-lacking creed no longer applicable.

I'm impressed, very impressed. I'm also a little shocked for while I believed this would happen, I never expected this significant move towards reunification before I was a very old man. Maybe this distraction of a doctrinal division will finally go away.

Update:Jared and Seraphim tell me that their Church History prof., Fr. Thomas Fitzgerald at
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, was a member of this consultation.