Nov 24, 2003

Where they don't drink Whiskey and Rye
For us, the death of JFK is as important as the death of Lincoln.

Which is why I didn't realize it was the anniversary of the day he was shot in Dallas until the day after, which is why none of my friends mentioned it, which is why we've written no blog memorials to the man, which is why we would toast the Pope or Johnny Cash, but not JFK.

Which is fine with me. He was overrated by our parents and hasn't passed the test of time that well. As Hitchens is saying, time has a way of assigning values.

He's a good shorthand image of youthful political illusions - "Think Not What . . . " juxtaposed with pictures of Dallas and reels of Vietnam - but for a generation that learned the lesson of false political hope without the pain, we don't find him that compelling.

May his myth rest in peace.