Nov 20, 2003

With visions of devils
Just had the night from the pit, with more technological problems than we've had since I've been here. Some of it was unavoidable, some of it was ITS' fault and the rest, extra frustrations, were either me or the printer. We are going to have a paper today, but not without more than my share of sanity in the ink.

And in my downtime I've been cruising blog archives, where I stumbled upon a few old insults/complaints I really wouldn't have minded receiving another day but didn't need to read (again) now. To break from that (there's a lot of bloddy waiting in the fixing of tech problems) I was reading interviews with Allen Ginsburg - mostly dealing with homosexuality or Buddhism. Again, not a big deal except when I'm flipping out over the edge anyway.

must . . . shut . . . down . . . Oh to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream, to dream until my sense of humor returns.

Later. So a full days sleep makes things better. I woke up this afternoon to two thank you letters for my effort, which was nice and unexpected since I didn't tell them about last night, and one letter ripping into one of my writers which is actually pretty funny. Humor has returned. Joke's on me. I wink at the world.