Dec 17, 2003

And then it was still
The school’s hustling into stillness right now, with everyone packing and running around and engrossed in the mayhem of leaving. It’s snowing in the first big snow of the year. Supposed to be coming down all today and tomorrow and probably keep snowing until spring.

My break plans are deliciously non-existent, except for the few broad strokes that I’m not going home, will be in the Midwest and am either going to Ann Arbor or Flint for Christmas. I’m staying in the Lowlands, 115 Oak St., and will have internet access so I’ll still be blogging and can be reached by e-mail.

I need to find a job, something that pays, but will mostly be sitting around reading, watching some movies, and working on a few projects.

I have some writing I need to do – a big philosophy project and some personal writings – and this break will be good for that.

Merry Christmas everyone.