Dec 22, 2003

Blogivium snapshots

Summer and Shimmer wanting to know why I am Anglican.

Realizing that I must have seen a picture of Gideon somewhere.

Gideon making coffee while discussing the differences in religion between his Generation X and my (as yet unnamed but I’d go for internet generation) generation.

Wondering why rappers haven’t looked at the Nation of Islam or the Black Panthers as models.

Comparing Reformed alphabet soups with Anglican ones.

A long conversation about the meaning and nature of Holy Communion.

U-turns with James, and managing by weird juxtoposition to describe the Reformation as "A short story that got overextended into a whole book."

Knowing that the accordion guy was accordion buy because of the accordion.

Seeing Angela warn people about the dangers of mulled wine.

Rich introducing himself with, “So I’m the guy who commented about amillenialism on your blog.”

Seeing Gideon’s face when he walks into a room to find Bethany, me and Rich singing American Pie with Joey on the accordion and Angela playing violin.

Thanks everyone!