Jan 6, 2004

Do ba ba di ba do
Luke and I hit a poetry reading after church at St. Joe's yesterday, something on the downtown block of Sandusky with two guys from Cleveland reading together and seperatly followed by an open mic. The two guys were okay - a few good pieces and a good line occasionally but pockmarked with cliches and an unrational attraction to haikus.

A few people read at the open mic, a student from a local college and an English teacher who appears to miss New Hampshire. I read End of the Reel and Sidewalk Forms to good response.

A few comments:
#a. Cliches are evil.
#b. Using an era or a school of poetry as a starting place, as something to work from, is fine. Part of the process. But you have to get over them. The Beat's were great but no Beat would sit around ripping off Ginsburg or immitate the intonations of Kerouac.
#c. Haiku is dead.
#d. Joke-poems get very tired.
#e. Cliches! Are! Evil!
#f. I don't want to hear the preface to the poem.