Jan 18, 2004

Five scars I have; five scars I don’t have
Part of an ongoing series of a weird legend…

1. A very small scar on my forehead at the hairline from a metal dump truck when I was 4.
2. A small burn scar on the first finger of my left hand from a hot lawn mower muffler.
3. A medium scar on my left forearm. Cause unknown. Looks like a cut.
4. A small scar on my right thigh from a home-forged gouge that slipped while I was carving.
5. A long scar on my left palm below the thumb that broke through the wood.

1. Nothing from driving a riding lawn mower through a metal shed wall.
2. Nothing from the childhood stick fights and dirt clod wars with my brother.
3. Nothing from the many, many cuts on my hands with a carving knife, working with a band saw, chainsaw, etc.
4. Nothing from a bare-knuckle brawl.
5. Nothing from a runaway hay wagon pulled by draft horses I was driving.