Jan 20, 2004

"I'd rather write 100 stories . . . "
Two years and 105, 371 words with a new medium

Today I reach the notch that marks two years of blogging.
I began after discovering the medium through Andrew Sullivan and Jonah Goldberg and talking to fellow student Dan Greene about how difficult the technology was.

From then until today, I've written 105,371 words intended solely for this space on the internet: A novel’s worth at 299 pages of single spaced text.

_ The most enduring question on this blog have been the questions of myth, appearing in the first few weeks and in the last week.
_ The most enduring philosophical question has been the mind/body quandry.
_ The first picture was of Chaim Potok.
_ The longest blogging relationship has been with Seraphim.
_ The biggest change has been the Hillsdale Bloggers listing.
_ The worst heckler was "Steven" who disagreed with the inclusion of an Al Jezeera correspondent in an obit for journalists who died in Iraq.
_ The biggest changes in my personal life have been my religious conversion to Anglo-Catholicism and philosophical conversion to postmodernism.

I spent the first year trying to be a political blogger in the vein of Sullivan, Claybourn or Domenech. In the second summer I gave up politics, embraced philosophy and art, decided I had write primarily and only for myself, and began the experimental work that has drawn and repelled, attracted and appalled readers ever since.

Today I’m proud to have been called one of the most experimental bloggers and am interested in daily testing and exploring this medium with which we can begin a "systematic and unexpected variation of the modes of language, of narrative, of existing literary forms."

My life works started here.