Jan 28, 2004

In the world
Merleau-Ponty notes mostly related to class

The mistake is to fix it so subject & object can’t be brought together, or to fix it so there is no problem of subject &object.

The reuniting of fissured man is a thinking in such a way that I too am out there. Stretch out your arm: embodiment engaging the world.

"Lo" vs. "yo," and "behold" vs. "listen" as the difference between a system of immediate awareness, givenness, prepositional cleat and distinct truth, and a story to be presented and considered. Think on the relation of embodiment and narrative.

The possibility of an accidental profundity in Descartes eccentric centers of importance of the body and the inability to think (contain) the infinite. In what way is this a cannibalization of ignored theology (Ireneaus & Anselm)?

No datum can be singled out. No particulate can be determined. We are already condemned to meaning.