Jan 25, 2004

The natural object is always the adequate symbol

If I could have, as a gift, one poetic movement, I would take Ezra Pound's Imagism. I would flay it, peeling off the politics and the Amygists and the hacks and maybe soak it in dadaism.

To present an image. A fine sounding movement that wasn't. A fine sounding project that thumps solid. A aesthetic that was prepared to rid us of bad poetry and romanticist cliches, and then became of the home of 40,000 bad poets with bad images.

" . . . we believe that poetry should render particulars exactly and not deal in vague generalities, however magnificent and sonorous. It is for this reason that we oppose the cosmic poet, who seems to us to shirk the real difficulties of his art."

It could have been good.