Feb 7, 2004

And then. . .
"The only thing I'm looking forward to about you leaving is the stories. And if they're not good enough I'm gonna make them up." - Luke Heyman
"How come everything that happens to you always seems so cool?" - Jeff Nelson
"You're so obsessed with stories." - Adam Prizio

So I woke up this morning smokey and groggy from last night's going away party, named for no good reason "Sillibash '04," picked up the KKG Collegian reporter I'd promised a ride, went to the Democratic primary, promised I wasn't voting more than once, and voted for Howard Dean.

My first day as a post-Hillsdale-once-I-was-a-legend-and-now-I'm-a-Kerouac-bum started with buying a keg in a local deli and ending with drinking coffee from a Democratic paper cup in a local barn and filling in little boxes for Dean.