Feb 26, 2004

Asymmetrical world
"DeLillo's work here is stylish with all-style writing about stylized character on a stylized odyssey. The book has a slick white cover and is centered on the stylishly white limousines that parade New York City. But, if you wait, Packer asks where all these limos go at night and is lead to the grunge of the underground garage and DeLillo's novel makes the same move, using flash and style to lead us to the dark innards. This is a good novel-always literary and subtlely cinematic, making you repeat lines aloud and envision scenes depicted. It's a postmodern work that is neither constricted by plot nor loose and chaotic for want of it.

It's an exploration that doesn't fall to simpleness or vagaries in telling the story of a man in an age of post-certainty where one can't rest on reasonableness.

This is the kind of contemporary work one wants to read. It is insightful, memorable, has a staccato elegance and scalpel-sharp detail. It is the telling of the story of Oedipus and Adam in contemporary words, packed with themes and symbols for a world that almost makes sense, but doesn't."

My review of Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis is online.