Feb 13, 2004

But by a story we cannot believe
A comedian works over Jonah bit, laughs pivoting on the oddity of hearing a whale-swallows-man-who’s-running-from-God story in a contemporary world on a contemporary medium.

Which, as comedy is prone to do, gets to something missed in the regular turn of the miracles-are-a-joke critique: stories.

The difference between then and now isn’t that miracles happened then and don’t know. It isn’t that we believed in miracles happening then and don’t know.

The difference is a difference in stories.

We know what we know from the stories we tell and are told.

It’s a question of what stories we tell and what stories we have room to tell.

(I suspect this is becoming a major project and thesis, though it remains questioning and fragmentary in a way, I suspect, that comes from having drunk of Wittgensteinian waters.)