Feb 9, 2004

Don Quixote vs. propositional truth

If true knowledge is propositional, which is to say aphoristic, then the story is but a carrier and it would be purer knowledge if the story were discarded.

It would be, then, but a human frailty that insisted on stories.

We could be rid of the lion with the thorn in his paw if the moral could be taught as a pure proposition.

Does the reduction from a story about a lion with a thorn in his paw to a proposition about kindness really lose nothing of what we mean by "kindness"? That is, can we say "kindness" as we say it now without speaking of the lion?

If you ask me of "kindness" I can answer only with stories. If you demand the point of the story, I can only tell it again.

To consider: stories and uncertainty; stories as undermining the meta-narrative; stories and embodiment; stories and identity.