Feb 18, 2004

Gears turning

I'm working on a piece for Gideon Strauss' Comment on the development of futuristic literature, from Orwell and Cold War related literature to post-1984 and 1989 literature, mostly broadly definable as cyberpunk, looking for what this tells us about ourselves with a particular view to our fears concerning technology and culture.

Thesis still in the gears. It'll be 4,000 to 6,000 words. This could easily be a book instead of an article.

I'm working on a shortish piece for Killing the Buddha, later to be built into something larger, on religious searching that is a Cartesianism disguised as faith, a searching for indubitable philosophical foundations that, really, are unneeded and harmful.

I've started writing this, working from some personal experiences of demanding the presence of God, the reveleation that cannot possible be wrong.

I'm excited about both of these. They've both cuaght my interest. A lot of other things in the works and a lot of reading going on. I picked up someone's copy of Daniel Bell's The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism the other day and am thinking maybe I need to look at economics again. I need to get back to an outline of postmodern Christianity soon and intend to but up some things on icons and the real presence of Christ in the communion soon, as well as trying to keep some literary flair to this tour by writing some poetry and keeping some neo-beat memoirs.