Feb 13, 2004

A late evening walk through my head
I’m thinking that maybe my "bastard stoicism" might be more important, more pivotal, than I thought.

I’m thinking about how we killed God and how this does or doesn’t relate to the problems of the hope of technology and the role of stories through the changing of the ages.

I’m thinking about the uberman’s stories and the problem of salvation by myth if that myth springs from the thing needing to be saved and why we need so badly a story, any story, even if we can’t believe it. And I want to think about that in light of George’s story about livin’ off the fatta the land in Of Mice and Men and in light of Conrad’s Marlow.

I’m thinking about the relationship between politics and aesthetics, especially in an age where information is king and looking particularly to the masters of politics as performance art – Abbie Hoffman, Joe McCarthy, Mussolini – and the fools and cuckholds – Richard Nixon, Dukakis, Hoover.

I’m thinking about the mixture of hope and fear in cyberpunk literature how we think about technology.

I’m thinking perfection is uninteresting and flimsy.

I’m thinking about the definition of postmodernism and how it’s definability is problematic because it’s not a thesis, really, but a collection of concerns. And about how postmodernism is self-aware of it’s temporality and reactionary position.

I’m thinking about the cinematography of music videos and the play of the absence in narrative and the opportunity to break new ground in a music video that one wouldn’t have in a film or commercial.

I’m thinking that I want to get back into Spinoza and write a series of “Dear Spinoza” letters considering the problems of self and other, one and the many, the necessity of a Trinitarian God and other paths that might appear.

I’m thinking I need to find a biography of Barth.

I'm thinking of calling the next year of my life something funny and including the word "tour."