Feb 27, 2004

Who writes cinematically?
Alone, in the dark, in the theater, a screening for one: I can hear the projector whir.

The end of the reel flaps and bleeps images we only see in postmodern montages, stopping and going still in a translucent white, shining on me sitting in a puddle of empty seats.

Who writes cinematically?

A cinematic image of swirling birds is searing sealing and - silent. Writing always seems noisey and the rythm of words is like snoring or maybe better put, like breathing when you pay attention to it. Who writes cinematically? Or, really, how would it look and how would it sound?

I conceive a scene a set, and, starting to work my way around it, realize I want an image I can't figure out how to work in words, which for me is a lot like saying I can't figure out how to breath without messing up living and I certainly can't live without breathing.