Mar 29, 2004

With the windows rolled down

I'm off ballyhooing across the country to see if maybe this time Echo will answer "count the spoons."

It's On the Road take 7, the second time driving the whole way and the first accompanied as David, my 17-year-old brother, is coming along for his own adventure via upstate New York.

I'm taking the fight to the Philly, my friends. I'll be living in the nicely named Ambler in my first apartment, 15 miles North of the city and a neighbor of Villanova. My plans include working for a wage to pay off the dogs - I'm looking at possible work at a gas station, graveyard groundskeeper, want to look at newspaper printing and will generally look around when I get there - and working on some of those writing projects that seem like good ideas but can't be touched in school. And the nice thing about Philly is that it?s not as clich?d as New York (or Chicago, or L.A.).

I'm fully planning on finishing the B.A. and going to grad school to sell my soul for porridge. Just because you?re worried.

I'll be gone from here for a few days, obviously. I considered writing posts and figuring out how to have the automatically update, but it seemed like a con. But then I don't have a problem with cons so maybe, yeah, let's just say it wasn't pomo enough. I suggest you read Sarah Hatter or Jeremy Huggins in my absence. Not that they're anything like me. I just enjoy reading them and you might too.

For you Hillsdale folks I'll be making a one-day-only-April-Fools-special appearance at Hillsdale, or something like that.