Apr 13, 2004

dansilliman: I need to post a story about the gas station
ValerieSilliman: Good.
dansilliman: so that I can let people know I'm working there without saying "I am now working at a gas station."
dansilliman: I refuse to bow before the boring
ValerieSilliman: Bravo!
dansilliman: yeah, but sometimes it bothers people when they're the boring
ValerieSilliman: Well, then they ought to be bothered.
dansilliman: well, you asked me where I got a prayer I posted for Christmas or thanksgiving (I don't remember)
dansilliman: and Prizio watched me read your comment and close it without responding. "Aren't you going to tell her where you found it," he says
ValerieSilliman: What? You never told me this story! I hate you.
dansilliman: but no, because that was boring. If I could find an interesting answer or maybe a story, then I'd tell her
ValerieSilliman: no, you're lazy. LAZY!
dansilliman: but just to say "I was poking around on google and I found it" no, that's deeply disturbingly boring
dansilliman: not worth my time to tell and not worth reading
dansilliman: so I said nothing
ValerieSilliman: You could have made up a story
dansilliman: that's true
dansilliman: but I prefer exaggerations to made up stuff
ValerieSilliman: Of course, I completely don't remember the poem.
dansilliman: well, maybe I made up this story