Apr 23, 2004

I'm only bleeding

This woman's yelling at me for not noticing she's sitting at the full serve pump.

Her Mercedes is blocked by a truck, so I can't see her. I'm working at the register selling lottery tickets and the mechanic comes in and tells me she's out there, so I run out and am met half way by this irate rich woman. She's going off - why would I do such a thing, why do I have the full serve pump where I can't see it, what am I trying to pull, who do I think I am, do I realize she's busy?

Lady, I say, Lady, I got nothing to eat at home but rice and Mac & Cheese. How much shit I gotta put up with because I'm poor?

And I just looked at her. Full of socialist revolutions, full of blue-collar soul, full of working class rage.

So she pumped her own gas.