Apr 19, 2004

Outlaw 5
I might look like Robert Frost but I feel just like Jesse James

* The most overrated American outlaw is Billy the Kid. Most underrated is Pretty Boy Floyd. Floyd killed an armed deputy with a log chain for insulting his wife and used to send whole train cars of food to Depression-poor towns just to piss off a sheriff while Billy was a whiney snot-nosed poser who didn't do anything but hire out to the wrong side and was shot in the back in the dark. I think it’s a thing of names, since every kid wants to be an outlaw and identifies with "kid" but "outlaw" and "pretty boy" appear pretty much antithetical. The alliterated Jesse James keeps up just the right reputation though.

* Noah Greene reviews Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a band that know how to hate and that I've been wanting to hear since he started listening to them incessantly.

* The six-shooter is outlaw-definitive. Beyond fashion: Iconic.

* I think I'll be the only Hillsdale student who had a trilogy of legendary parties in his honor:
(Part of an ongoing series of a weird legend…)
        1. The Silliman-Sato bare knuckle brawl,
        2. The documentaried Sillibash '04
        3. The in-planning-for-the-Beat Sillibash '05 which will feature Kentucky moonshine and needs to be advertised with this picture and the inscriptions "Come out from behind the eye patch, he screams at pirates riding mopeds" and "He gave the dog a howl and made a pretty face pretty flat."

* We say punk where they say, what?, outlaw. I should write a paper about punk-style as the essence of the American outlaws (the cool, the hipsters).