Apr 18, 2004

We really haven't talked lately

I had this dream, and I'm standing in front of a cash register, buying something (I don't know what). The point of view pivots 180. Right. In still frames: I'm standing there, then I see myself from the side, then I'm standing behind the cash register.

I'm standing behind the cash register and my hand is stretched out, about to push a button and ring up a sale, but I'm hesitating. The commentary track groans, "Do I have to work my dreams?" and my hand hesitates.

Suddenly I go psycho. I grab a paper bag, flip it open, jump up on the counter and attack the customer. I bag his head jumping down onto him, and just start whaling on him. I'm punching his head and kicking him. He's laying there curled up and I'm beating him.

And I think, "What happens if he dies?" I'm dispassionate about it but, you know, still thinking this qestion mark about the whole situation.

Thinking about it this morning, I'm pretty sure I was killing myself.