Jul 15, 2004

Pumping gasoline into the collapsed veins of the fading American dream
Thoughts at randomn

Why do people yell at clerks? I make $7 an hour and have nothing to do with your car so go to hell.

Multiple tornados have been sighted in the county and one may be headed towards my gas station.

I never found the question interesting before, but what does it mean artistically to be American?

I want to defend Hillsdale against defamation, but I don't go there anymore and arguing with libertarians is worthless.

Cheney is so evil it's downright steroypical. Edwards is the only candidate I'd actually hang out with.

There are certain people who should try and bring the powdered wig back in style.

National Review's first accomplishment was defining the kooks out of Conservatism. What they failed to understand, then, is that paranoia raises money.

"I'll tell you what's going to happen. This country's going to become part of Spain." "Spain?" "They already have the southwest." "Don't you mean Mexico?" "They're Spanish aren't they?"

I feel bad for Nixon.

I like the colors of Westerns.

My younger brother says, re: his Catholic girlfriend, I should know that girls always make more sense than older brothers.

Another brother of mine has a mohawk.

Mona Lisa is pretty much exactly the same when viewed in person, Pollock's paintings are extremely more interesting when viewed in person.

I'd like to see a literary aestetic based on "exhausting lauguage."

What if Impressionistic works had caused pregnant women to miscarry?

Buckley and Crosby should tour together as cranky old men.

Schaffer was Protestantism's last hope.

I prefer the spellig "tsar" to "czar" even though I like zs. I have no idea how to pronounce "pn" or "kp."

If only dada would save us.

When faced with continuing and excessive rudeness, I become friendly as a form of cynicism.