Aug 13, 2004

Damning dichotomies

Sinfest brings us a comic revisitation of the platonic preference for existence, which reminds me I'm confused about creation ex nihilo.

If in the beginning, before creation, there was God and nothing, if nothing can be defined as not-God, doesn't that give us a dualism? How can we have an eternal outside-of-God and not lose the Christian God to a gnostic or manichean half of an eternal struggle (in this case a struggle between existence/nothing)?

But if, instead, we say that God is more than existence and that nothingness is subservient to God, created by God, is not nothingness (and that which was created out of nothingness) within and therefore a part of God? Which is, is it not, pantheism?

So- If creation happens outside of God, dualism; if inside, pantheism.