Jan 8, 2005

The space of a word

A man comes back from the bathroom, to the diner booth next to the potted plants breathing in exhaled cigarettes and out oxygen, to the woman sitting across from him, the back of her black hair across from me. He sits down, slides in, and starts where he left off, starts over saying “so, I have this friend I know, and he’s at this game…”

So, we, with a word, erase all that has come before, forgetting all that and bringing us to this, putting all that aside, behind, away, and, also, we summarize and bring to a point that past conversation that leaves us and leads us to this point of a word.

We mark everything from here, from this “so,” like a year one. We mark the before and the after from here – erasing and summarizing, starting over and bringing everything to now, a deft throwaway gesture to say “given all that” and “setting all that aside” we will start here, we will erect and allow this space with a word starting a story.

We take everything, hold it for a minute/put it on hold for a minute, and the let the story take the world.