Feb 14, 2005

Three articles of interest
I could never make up my mind what I was interested in, and philosophy enabled you to be interested in anything.
        - Harry G. Frankfurt (of article #3)

1. What is the possibility of a Christian left in America?
        "'In the end neither political party is going to be happy about having a real conversation on moral values.' [Jim Wallis] criticized the political 'right' for using their political in a crass and narrow manner, and argued that liberals have been dismissive of religion, or suggesting that it should at least be kept private. 'I say to the Dems', where would we be if Martin Luther king kept his faith to himself?'"

2 . The figure of Jesus the Prince of Peace in Islam. (via SMJ)
        "Approaching the Christian icon (of the Virgin and child), Muhammad covered it with his cloak and ordered all the others washed away except that one."

3. Not the truth and not a lie: a philosophical investigation of bull shit. (via PK)
        "Any culture and he means this culture rife with [bull] is one in danger of rejecting 'the possibility of knowing how things truly are.' It follows that any form of political argument or intellectual analysis or commercial appeal is only as legitimate, and true, as it is persuasive. There is no other court of appeal."