Mar 30, 2005


1. The meeting and melding of Christianity and suburban/exurban culture in second generation mega-churches is unsettling ecclesiologically and culturally. I am left saying wait wait, what is the church for? what is culture for? I'm troubled by all manner of things here, but I'm troubled most by the cultural temporality. If a mall and a starbucks aren't meeting your needs, how is a church mall and a church starbucks going to? (via The Revealer)

2. The neo-conservative end-of-history theorist, Francis Fukuyama, writes about Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism on the book's 100th anniversary, which also weirdly construes Christianity and locks it in into a cultural temporality. Did anyone ever answer the Methodist paradox?

3. Reading Adam Prizio's The Sentence I wonder if it was the perfection of the sentence that moved the guard to tears, or the humanity of it.

4. A 14-artist portrayal of the stations of the cross. I especially like VII and XI.

5. "Maybe it's the same reason it rained yellow flowers when Jose Arcadio Buendia died, yellow flowers that fell silently in the middle of the night and drifted so deep that they smothered the animals sleeping in the fields."

6. I have though a lot about color and texture in writing. My sister mentioned smell, which I hadn't thought about at all.

7. I am thinking about failure in three directions: the possibility of artistic judgment on the quality and character of artistic failures (keeping in mind our praise for those who would "rather fail on their own terms..."), as a cultural situation when a culture is defined by communal or individual failure, as central to humanity.