Apr 20, 2005

'A city of anarchy is a city of promise'

So a slew of my friends, who normally come in slews, are all taking this intensive short story writing seminar with the unlikely name of "The Art of Strategic Assessment" from a big-name writer you've never heard of, Mark Helprin. Some of them seem to think he’s crazy like a fox– they’re telling stories that he claims he’s never been to a party, tried drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or even hot chocolate and also that he once was in an Israeli prison for three years and that he and the two other American’s took over and ran the place – and some of them seem to think he’s crazy like a loon, if loons were rich New England neocons.

Could be. I just wanna see these 1,000 word short stories everyone's been writing.

In other news, from August 'o5 through graduation in December to when I move to Atlanta for a while in May 'o6, I'll be living at The Beat.