May 5, 2005

How I know it's finals week

1. All of the doodles on all of my notes for the last two weeks are of people being trapped, hung, impaled, enslaved, beheaded, buried or dismembered.

2. The snackbar looks like an apocalypse survival center for nerds who hate to sleep.

3. On command, I can tell you the all requirements necessary for a univocal term to be a univocal term and write for four pages on "thisness" and the problem of individuation, but am struggling to think in complete sentences.

4. The only people who don't have the jitters from on coffee are the people using Methamphetamines and the guys who are always drinking their third pots by lunch anyway.

5. At the last three parties I've been to, someone has flipped out and done something that is beyond their pale of normal stupidity. Like, yell about panopticons, hit someone in the face for laughing at their hat, etc.

6. I walked into a store and when the cleck said hello, I said, "So how are finals going?"