May 3, 2005

News & etc.

1. My last paper - a 13 or 14 page something on ethics - has to be finished tonight. My three in-class finals are on Thursday and Friday and the other one's a take home that we're supposed to get together and do Friday afternoon or evening. So if anything mildly interesting shows up here it's because I'm procrastinating.

2. I'm going to have a 9-hour layover in Fargo, so if anyone knows someone there I should meet or something interesting to do in Fargo between 2 and 11 p.m., let me know.

3. The girl next to me is trying to edit something by this friend of hers and he keeps telling her she's "the worst best friend ever."

4. Peter Leighthart has a horrible piece in the most recent Touchstone. Most, but not all, of the especially horrific opinions of Michael Medved's speach have been cut from the Imprimis version.

5. My dad has work lined up for me this summer, doing tree work for a guy I worked with the summer before I went to college. Should be 4o hours a week and over $1o and hour. I'm thinking of maybe still trying to get something that's part time in the evenings as well. But then I'm going to have to do the reasearch for my thesis and my independent study this summer too.

6. I haven't decided if I'm going to walk for graduation. It's not the type of thing I would normally do, but then everyone seems to think I should.

7. The word of the week is haggard.