Jun 20, 2005

Notes and links

"Things of the past are still with us. It's their world that is gone." - Richard Polt, on Typology, Phenomenology, and the typewriter.

Hillsdale College is moving forward with the proposed retirement community, to be called Independence Grove. The Grove will include putting greens, a club house, and lots of other old people stuff. Mostly, this is about selling the soul of an educational institution, and about how old conservatives are stupid, annoying, and rich.

The Disgruntled Son of the Moral Majority who's having the most fun, ex-pat Peter Krupa, has written an excellent E.B. White-citing article on the militarization of space.

For the depressing state of journalism, not that it was ever any different, see this blog rolling newspaper corrections.

When I was a kid in the mid-80s, kids at the school yard were doing Michael Jackson's moonwalk and speculating about the one white glove, and parents were wondering what the hell happened to his face. I thought he was creepy. Matt Taibbi went to the Jackson trial and saw the freaked out death of America.

Everyone seems to love Nolan's Batman, which makes me think maybe his post-Memento big budget Insomnia was better than I thought. All that love seems to have given some writers the excuse to talk about Batman, including this morning's Seattle Times, which gives the whole history of the thing, including the time when fan's voted to kill Robin.

Matt Labash on Mudcat, the man trying to bring rural southern voters back into the Democratic party, going to show that proletarian demagougery is still alive and fascinating, that class divides never die, that America is still divided into mutally un-unitable regions, and that religion's always an issue.