Jun 11, 2005

Notes on Summer

1. Every day this week I have watched the sun rise up over the empty field that will, before I come here again, become a suburban neighborhood and I have watched it set down upon the water of the Strait.

2. Through the fogged up bathroom windown the world looks green and gray.

3. I bought a Salvation Army coffee mug, a two-handed affair, and a typewritter, a light blue electric Royal.

4. I cashed my whole paycheck and wrapped it into a wad with the hundreds on the outside so I could look at it and feel the wieght of the roll delicious in my pocket.

5. I may have to tell my boss that my long hair can't be cut without breaking a religious vow.

6. I read for my 30 min. lunch break and when my co-worker gets jokingly (but serious too) offended, he says, people've told me I'm boring, but no one said it was that bad. I tell him I've been reading for lunch since I went to work at 13 and am not about to stop now.

7. I now know how to back up a trailer.

8. Coming here, I cannot call it 'home,' but I know the names of all the streets.

9. I bought 9 board feet of poplar and am going to try, again, to carve.

10. A friend of my parents recognized me, but couldn't remember my name. I grinned and said thank you.