Jul 4, 2005

The last book I bought and other questions

How many books do I own?

I counted once, but that was number of years ago and I don't recall what the number was anyway. I started buying books when I was 14, in the couple of used book stores in Porterville California, my highschool education consisting mostly of hauting those bookstores, the chain book store and the library and reading everything. I have a lot of the old books, esp. the history and political ones I'm not really reading right now but will get back to, stashed here in Washington. And then in Hillsdale I have probably a few dozen books from last semester stacked in the house, waiting for me to move in. In Philly, where I have to go get them and move them to Hillsdale, I have three book shelves of literature, philosophy, theology, and poetry.

Books were really my first vice.

What’s the last book I bought?

I went to Powells yesterday, for the 4th, and bought I am Alive and You are Dead: A Journey into the Mind of Philip K. Dick, by Emmanuel Carrere, Fear and Trembling, by Soren Kierkegaard, A Quest for the Post-Historical Jesus, by William Hamilton, Wittgenstein's Conception of Philosophy, by K.T. Fann, Towards a New Christianity, by Thomas Altizer, Unframed Originals, by W.S. Merwin, The Rediscovery of Mind by John Searle and The Magic Journey, by John Nichols. Which is a fairly accuarte list, I think, of the projects I'm working on.

What’s the last book I read?

I'm in the middle of four books right now. I like to keep it to two, one light and one heavy, but I haven't lately. I'm reading Martin Buber's Eclipse of God, Jonathan Lethem's Gun, with Occasional Music, the Dick book, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez' 100 years of Solitude. The last book I finished - #20 for this year which puts me 4 books behind my one-a-week last year - was Girl Meets God, on the recommendation of Jeremy Huggins.

What are the five books that mean the most to me?

If my library were destroyed, the first five replacements I would buy are Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath, Graham Greene's The Burnt Out Case, Heidegger's Being and Time, Derrida's Circumfesions, and Beowulf.

I was tagged by Gideon Strauss for this. In turn, I tag Peter Krupa, and Luke Heyman.