Sep 26, 2005

Head-pounding writing

Stayed up until 5 a.m. trying to write this rough draft work and only managed to get out an ugly looking outline and write seven abortable half paragraphs. Selpt a little and then looked at it again this morning, glassy-eyed and feeling that weight settled down sad and frustrating. Went to breakfast. Sat alone.

But then this afternoon it began to rain. I unraveled an extension cord to take a laptop out to the porch and put on Coltrane and coffee. Started to put words on paper.

"There's a Hasidic parable told about Adam and Eve. On the day they were cast from the garden the sun set for the first time and as the world passed into dusk and then into darkness they were terrified, believing that their sin had set the world sinking into nothingness. They spend the night trembling in fear, eyes dilated to the darkness, looking each other in the face. For them there was now nothing, God had left them and the world had gone dark and there was nothing left but the face of the other."