Sep 7, 2005

There's power in the blood
and other notes

The man on NBC is sitting on his porch, the levee broken and his city underwater and everything down closed up for weeks now so he doesn't know how much was looted or who's been shot or how many are dead or what the governer or the president's said and the interviewer asks him how he's made it through. "Well," he says, "I've got Jesus in my heart and Indian in my blood."

My sister is in Austria now. The first of my family to leave North America.

I love the porch at the Beat. We sit there in the morning and in the evenings and all day, on the weekends. We wood-glued the rocking chair back together and moved most of the house's chairs out there, around the bench and the old couch.

Dream phrase: "I was walking down the road, as it were, if you will."

One American in five believes the sun revolves around the earth.

Harshest insult at the house: "Yeah, well, you look like Paul Giamatti."

I need to buy a Latin bible.

I reccomend Dick Hebdige's Subculture, the meaning of style to anyone interested in the sociology of subcultures and their dramatizations of the deconstruction of the tensions within culture.

Kelly's labor day photos.

If kitsch, as Kundera says, is a view of the world that cannot admit the existence of shit. And if kitsch is, aesthetically, shit. Then an aesthetic view of the world that will not allow the existence of kitsch is kitschy. Maybe. I'm still working with the troulbe with kitsch.