Oct 24, 2005

In this Manner, V

He lost his wallet in the woods, in the undergrowth of fallen leaves, fallen limbs, native weeds, and coming up suckers. We tramped around in circles, in back and forth rows looking for it for 45 minutes. He kept swearing to himself and saying it had to be there. We went back to work, after awhile, just giving up and going back to work saying we’d keep an eye out, maybe we’d see it but knowing, you know, knowing that was pretty hopeless.

When the boss came and we told him to keep an eye out for a wallet, he went over to the woods, standing outside the first trees, took off his ball cap and said, Lord Jesus, help me find this wallet. Lead me right to it. And that’s what happened. Right away, without circling or trampling or kicking at fallen down limbs and decades of dead leaves, he found it. He walked into the undergrowth in a straight line and just said, here it is.

The next day, retelling the story and laughing nervous at how strange, how weird, we said to him so, do you believe now?

He paused. We waited.

Well, he said, it’d be really useful when I lose my keys.