Oct 19, 2005

Silliman & Sasquatch

My almost-6-years-old brother Luke has become fascinated with Bigfoot and is finding foot prints. Bigfoot has, he says, been sneaking around, leaving marks on the living room floor and, he thinks, a big toe print in the concrete of the patio.

I don't know how he heard about Bigfoot, since it's not the type of thing my family'd normally talk about, but he did and he is, he is. It's the Northwest, too, last time I was in Seattle the city's telephone poles all had Bigfoot pictures advertising a music festival out at George. And we occasionally gets Sasquatch in the news, with one of the S'Klallam's reporting strange sounds or tracks or some tourist talking crazy and looking for fur up in the mountains on the rainy West end. Run that together with a storybook picture of Wild Things, a probably only half remembered retelling of Grendel, and the way children feel monsters in dark corners, and you have a 6 year old's obsession.