Feb 17, 2006

'Why had he thought so earnestly about inane questions like this in the past?' - BRUTUS.1, a story generating computer

Bad news: I recieved a rejection notice from the University of Emory today. Still waiting to hear from the other three schools.

Good news: My thesis, laying out a proposal for a linguistic solution to the mind-body problem, is finished, coming in at 33 1/2 pages, with 92 footnotes and 28 works cited. Part 1 explores what exactly the question is, and how philosophy of mind is at an impasse. Part 2 sets out my proposal for Linguistic Parallelism, or how to think about the mind-body problem without dualism or materialism. Part 3 considers the Turing Test, some attempts to build Artificial Intelligence, and proposes a position between Strong and Weak AI.

I am, however, going to hold off posting it on the paper's page until I get some feedback from my advisor, the philosophy honorary, and the examining board.

Deep Blue, the chess-playing supercomputer that could calculate 200 million piece positions per second and beat world champion Garry Kasporov in 1997.