Apr 25, 2006

7 summer reading recommendations

"Reality needs a prick here and there, the carpet needs a flaw. My words begin plucking at threads nervously, seeking purchase, a weak point, a vulnerable ear....That's when it comes...'Eat me!' I scream."
- Lionel Essrog in Motherless Brooklyn.

1. The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene. Because of the moral struggles of the last priest.

2. Mao II, by Don DeLillo. Because this is an age of terrorists and images.

3. The Sound and the Fury, by William Faulkner. Because from first sentence to final resurrection sermon it may be the most brilliant book I've ever read.

4. Gas Station, by Joseph Torra. Because of it's creative language, anthropological grasp of America, and extremely tight attention to detail.

5. World's End, by T.C. Boyle: Because all of us have accidents with history, run-ins with artifacts, and family ghosts.

6. Seven Types of Ambiguity, by Elliot Perlman. Because our stories never quite line up, and because if hell is other people then so is heaven.

7. Motherless Brooklyn, by Jonathan Letham. Because it's a genre hard-boilded crime noir narrated by someone with Tourette's.

(Meme via Gideon Strauss)